pearly gates

Tagmaster is a company supplying equipment to read the EID tags in sheeps ears as they pass through pearly gates – now being used at marts and slaughterhouses. Copper antenna loop over them, concealed within white plastic. The gate’s design is light with windows, making it less intimidating for the animals.

Border Union Show Interbreed Championship, 2010

A Cheviot Gimmer won the day, with a Blackface Ram in second place. There were many contenders.

Shetlands: the sheep come in the same tones as the judge’s jumper.

Small enough you can pick them up. Submission and sleep, rumination.

Zwartbles: have collars and leads.

Blue-faced Leicester: the ram draws attention. “Like a cow! enormous!”

Texels: She is eating grass, lying down, gentle, timid. “They look like a dog!”

sheep breeds / Jacobs

I take a closer look at Jessie Jacob and her relatives

Using Jacob Sheep Society breeding Standard notes,  I start to see them as a carefully cultivated product. What does ‘upstanding’ mean in a sheep?

“the head should be clear of wool forward of the horns”

“Mottled skin and wool is undesirable”

Well, I think she is lovely …

Finally she comes to have a look at me – and pisses