Summertime sheep

This summer, a lot of sheep on display, circulating in various forms, stemming perhaps from Henry Moore’s popular pieces:

With a new variant in Liverpool:

“The Super Lamb Banana was the original work of Japanese-based artist Taro Chiezo. Commissioned for the Art Transpennine Exhibition of 1998, the sculpture was a controversial, but welcome addition to the public art arena in Liverpool. Standing an impressive seventeen feet tall and comprised of concrete and steel, the statue first attracted interest from its original position on the Strand. The unusual artwork was created to warn of the dangers of genetically modified food, whilst being appropriate to the city of Liverpool due to the port’s rich history in the trade of lambs and the import of bananas.”

sleep furiously

Film: Gideon Koppel, Sleep Furiously, 2007, UK

The title comes from Chomsky’s nonsense sentence: “Colourless green ideas sleep furously.”

An interview with the film maker, Gideon Koppel, describing the process of making a film in a remote Welsh farming community where he had been brought up. His film-making style developed as did the project itself through getting the work funded. It is an elegy, with long and careful glances mindful of time and light, with thoughtful use of music:

And a review of the film on:

Also, the film won Guardian Best First Film in 2010.