3 thoughts on “pregnant cheviot gimmers”

  1. My impression is that they want to sort out what I am going to do to them. (It is predator-prey relationship after all. But as has been suggested, they will look to humans as at least being able to keep other predators at bay. And some people feed them. So I imagine they have mixed feelings about us.) In the lambing shed they sniff you, so they work by smell too. I want to know more about this! If I stand still and look directly at them they seem to be more alarmed than if I take sideways looks while drawing. It is annoying from the drawing point of view that they shift away down the bottom of the pen away from me but in the polytunnel, i decided to sit down at their level and see what happened. And a few of them came over to have a look. The small pens of the lambing shed allow closer work. I am using the fact that they are constrained of course. And the question becomes: how do I show these to be sentient creatures through my drawing? And I need not to make assumptions about them.


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