Paint Pots pile up in Fine Art

caldewgate1In the school of Fine Art (between the printing and sculpture workshops) some empty paint pots and used paint trays are heaped next to a rubbish bin.
Inside I notice an invitation by the City Council to ‘put our rubbish to work’.

caldewgate3The Mixed Recycling takes Paper, Card, Plastic, Cans and Glass.

But not, I learn, paint pots.

Nor are paint pots allowable in General Waste.


The paint pots lying on the ground must be locked up in the Flammable Gas shelter in the courtyard.  Their disposal is problematic, the pile grows inside the shed.

I take a few to the Project Space, considering possibilities of Re-Use.



Download this pdf for an Ivy Proposal for the Caldewgate campus garden, re-using and recycling found materials:


With appreciative thanks to staff and students at the Department of Fine Art, University of Cumbria.

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