walks at mean sea level

Two walks in changeable places on the south west and south east English coast:

muddy places full of overwintering wading birds

The Severn from Sand Point – overlooking the lowest point for a possible Barrage (plans now shelved)

Ray Island on the Blackwater Estuary in Essex, a stone throw from proposed nuclear power station (Bradwell 2)

Grazed by a flock of Shetland sheep

Ray Island, uniquely self-forming from mud in a sheltered creek

a line of shrubs just visible above the sea wall, reddening into spring

2 thoughts on “walks at mean sea level”

  1. Thank you for walks at mean sea level. Photos are very beautiful and also powerful. They are clearly contextual but not in a static manner. Combination with drawings creates a to and fro process. Very effective.


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