starting with the yarn store … becoming a jumper

Many thanks to Barrie, Hawick – see

Stages in becoming a jumper: design – technician – yarn store – machines – greasy binding – greasy examination – greasy mending – washing – Paris pressing – cutting – clean binding – handsewing – button + buttonhole – clean examination – mending – pressing – final check – ticketing – fold and bag – stockroom

yarn store

old knitting machine

new machine

greasy binding

greasy examination



Paris pressing

clean binding

hand stitching

(To be continued)

One thought on “starting with the yarn store … becoming a jumper”

  1. HI Sandra,
    Lovely to see you Henry and Charlotte the other night. This is the link to kate’s blog. Two of them – “wool” and “stages in making a jumper” tell of textiles hear Galashiels so might be of interest. Guess who is trying to distract herself today??
    Sarah xx


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