lambing shed scenes

an early – premature lamb – brought in. Don’t want this problem to affect the others.

She tried to leap off the ‘Gator’ after her lamb had been removed. It’s been put into the heat with other poorlies, and given milk. The ewe will get another lamb.

ewe in ‘adopter’, adoptee climbs its back

“Sheep are complex creatures, still learning after 18 years.”.. The ewe is being taken to the field, which is getting full. Almost always one lamb is more bonded than the other twin. Will stick to the ewe’s side, the other one can get lost.

Three hoggs in the pen stand, look at me, and settle down

Teeny Weeny, the plucky lamb, won our hearts

For some reason, Teeny was on her own today. Chewing grass and sniffing. Lambs in the ‘hospital’ didn’t get lunch today, getting bigger now.

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