Carrifran Wildwood: No sheep!

The Carrifran Wildwood Story, Myrtle and Philip Ashmole and others, Borders Forest Trust 2009.

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A project of “Ecological Restoration from the Grass Roots” with the vision of bringing back natural vegetation to an entire valley. This required an 11km stock fence to be constructed and checked regularly by volunteers. Much work went into deciding how to undo the work of sheep, goats and cattle over some hundreds of years, with a vision of creating a wildwood where there were no longer even the seeds of former tree cover. Marks of its former use remain on the landscape, including remnants of shielings – used for transhumance farming on higher ground, and sheep stells – circular and winged dykes built for improved agriculture in the 19th century to provide shelter in all weathers. (See pages 100-104, written by Fi Martynoga)

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