on sheep walks


Determining on sheepwalks as a line of enquiry – a malleable idea to frame such ideas:

the activity of sheep making walks – others using sheepwalks to walk, and look – gathering and departure – compression, degradation – lines of exit and transformation –  incompleted patterns

autumn ram, lamb and ewe sales

a smaller sale than at Kelso earlier in the month, mainly Texels and Suffolk tups

I am drawn to the black sheep

the season’s work in some way concluded, a finished flock of lambs move on

mapping a heft (2)

In the news, an item about feeding nine billion of us on ‘beef’ from vats. A flock of blackface grazing with black cattle. Rooks sweeping up and down the valley and swallows winging along the fence line. I read how blackface ewes keep diferent habits in summer, some stick to their winter territory, others move further out in summer. I think the plantation was important to them in the winter, shelter.

I think all the lambs have gone. Bullocks instead.

Boundary line of wire – visual link with cabling on a jumper

mapping a heft

mapping a heft – Cheviot lambs and ewes by a stell. A bridge of railway sleepers over a burn. A track, marked already on an 1867 map. A route used for droving cattle, maybe sheep too. The ewes have spent winter, and summer, here. The stell a nucleus – the eye of their map?

view from heft nucleus / eye

How do sheep see lichen?

do they  notice such details?